Civil Litigation

Henneke, Fraim & Dawes, PC is in the business of solving problems and disputes for its clients. Our attorneys use every tool at their disposal to resolve the situation and arrive at an outcome that is favorable to our clients.

Civil Litigation

We have built a reputation for successfully representing clients on complex litigation matters spanning a range of legal areas. Because of our attorneys’ experience and expertise, we have won significant victories for our clients for decades.

Our attorneys are experienced in all state and federal courts in Michigan, including:

  • Michigan District and Circuit Courts, including Family and Probate Courts
  • Michigan Business Courts
  • Michigan Court of Appeals
  • Michigan Supreme Court
  • United States District Courts
  • United States Bankruptcy Courts

If you require assistance with a civil lawsuit, Henneke, Fraim & Dawes is available to help you review your options and to protect your interests.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Often, it is possible to resolve a matter outside of the courtroom, using a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as mediation, facilitation, or arbitration. ADR sometimes offers swifter resolutions of disputes at lower cost, with greater client control over the process and outcome.

  • Mediation/Facilitation is a confidential legal process in which a neutral third party, the mediator, facilitates negotiation so the parties to the dispute arrive at their own resolution. The parties may be represented by attorneys, and the agreement reached can be formalized in court if necessary. Mediation is used in many types of civil disputes, including business conflicts and divorce. It is usually entered into voluntarily by the parties.
  • Arbitration is also a confidential legal process. Like mediation, it involves a third party, the arbitrator. Unlike a mediator, the arbitrator issues a decision in the matter rather than letting the parties negotiate to a resolution. Arbitration is also voluntary, although the parties often have previously agreed to submit any disputes in their dealings to the arbitration process. The result is usually binding.

Attorneys at Henneke, Fraim & Dawes, P.C., have experience both serving as mediators and arbitrators and representing clients in those processes. Our familiarity with ADR from both sides of the table enables us to offer the most effective service to those seeking an alternative to traditional litigation. Contact our office today to discuss which approach to dispute resolution best suits your needs.